These are the current projects I am working on.


Centauri is an image grouping system built with Sinatra and allows you to upload images and group them accordingly. Features in the process of development are the ability to auto select a group for an image. This involves image manipulation using ImageMagick in order to gather useful information from the image.


Rigel is a basic Sinatra application that I hope to use to model surfaces and plane curves. I built this in order to help me visualize the concepts presented in n-dimensional calculus.


Academy is a Ruby on Rails that is MathJax enabled. This application enables the user to take notes using LaTeX syntax with shortcuts to make the harder typesetting of LaTeX easier. For mathematics, you may select the type of note written and filter among them. This enables you to select only definitions or select theorems with proofs and much more complex features. Other features that are in the process of development are a quiz feature that selects random proofs and computational problems to solve.


Sequence is a Ruby on Rails application formerly built with Sinatra. Sequence is a project management software that allows users to create projects with tasks and assign users to tasks. G2 development uses Sequence as a way to delegate the work and streamline to process so that the product gets the to client as easily as possible.


Tenjin is a Ruby on Rails application built to host language learning audios. Tenjin hosts Japanese langauge learning audios and includes helpful quizzes for vocabulary and kana.